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FC Tafelzucht

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Kenny Hendricks

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082 709 6004

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Tafelsig, Mitchells Plain, 7798

Club History

Tafelzucht was formed in September 2013 by its forefathers:

Carlos Busch

Emile Adams

Kendal Hendricks

Kenneth Hendricks

Siraaj Veldsman

Volanto Cyster

Yazeed Veldsman

They originally first started off with football and created, the club FC Tafelzucht which they later wanted to create other similar clubs in various sporting codes, however they put their heads together and then created the NPO called, Tafelzucht which now today have 4 (four) sporting codes under its umbrella, football, mini cricket, netball and body building. The NPO is the driving force under which these respective clubs fall under.

Instead of creating multiple NPO for the sporting code they wanted to do, the NPO does that and drive the fundraising initiatives and the administration side. Whereas each club can is then free to focus solely on their sporting development.

After the establishment of the NPO, Tafelzucht, we roped, Mastura Abrahams in to spear head the netball division, NC Tafelzucht.

The aims and ancillary objectives of bringing sporting activities back into the community, especially for young individuals. In doing this we are positive that our vision will help alleviate the poverty stricken fragile community torn apart by gangsterism and substance abuse by providing an opportunity to get involved in a community club, providing an opportunity for all those involved to connect with those around them and provide to support to those in need. It serves as option to do something of significance with their time, and the added benefit of exercise is a bonus.

Our club is affiliated with the Mitchells Plain Netball Union (MPNU) and the Local Football Association (LFA).

The Netball, which is situated in Westridge, on the Stephen Reagan Sports Complex where all union netball games are played. Thus far NC Tafelzucht has compiled six (6) teams.

The Football, which has various venues depending on the condition of the field and the amount of matches played on that specific day.

The football has compiled eleven (11) teams.