Welcome to Local Football Association Mitchell's Plain

Local Football Association Mitchells Plain were established 2006 under SAFA, currently administering …. clubs, schools and ladies teams.
Football is one of the major sports in our country and plays a significant in our communities and rest of the world.

  • We promote, advance, encourage and drive the SAFA VISION 2022
  • We promote, advance, encourage, assist and protect the interest of the game.
  • We promote and encourage the formation and development of clubs and other associations.
  • We formulate, control, add to and amend the conditions under which the association competitions are conducted.

The first non-racial, singular football association in South Africa was formed in 1991, and named the South African Football Association (SAFA). Previously, there had been a number of different, racially divided football bodies. These bodies, the Football Association of South Africa, the South African Soccer Association, the South African Soccer Federation and the South African National Football Association came together to form SAFA on 8 December 1991… more about SAFA

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